Literary Analysis

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In Edgar Allen Poe's story 'The Fall of the House of Usher', how is the poem 'the haunted palace' related to the story?(the poem is in the story)

read essay in the link then proofread my summary and analysis

Can you help me figure out the tone and figurative language in the first quatrain of Shakespeares' Sonnet 13?

Help me find a quote from Jane Eyre that describes her as a typical Victorian Woman...

a great guide to literary theory

Why do societies create heroes? What values do we expect our heroes to represent? What values did the Greeks expect their heroes to represent? How does the idea of the "tragic flaw" change the way we look at our heroes? Do we look for tragic flaws today? (these questions are technically one question, relating to The Odyssey)

Herman Merville "Misgivings" When ocean-clouds over inland hills sweep storming in late autumn brown, and horror the sodden valley fills, and the spire falls crashing in the twon, I muse upon my country's ills the tempest burning from the waste of Time on the world's fairest hope linked with man's foulest crime nature's dark side is heeded now ah! optimist-cheer dishearted flown a child may read the moody brow of yon black mountain lone with shouts the torrents down the gorges go and storms are formed behind the storms we feel the hemlock shakes in the rafter, the oak in the driving keel

So we're supposed to answer a question on the poem Miniver Cheevy by Edwin Arlington Robinson for AP English tomorrow. We're supposed to answer these two questions: 1)Identify Thebes, Camelot, Priam, and the Medici. What names and what sort of life does each call up? What does Miniver's love of these names tell about him? 2) The phrase "rested from his labors" alludes to the Bible and to Greek mythology. Explore the ironic effect of comparing Miniver to the Creator (Gen. 2.2) and to Hercules. Point out other examples of irony in the poem and discuss their importance....these questions have me totally stumped. I've got the rest of the assignment done, but I'm helpless when it comes to poetry. If you could help in any way it'd be greatly appreciated!!! (here's a link to the poem: )

Excellent source for developing language and communication through listening, speaking, viewing, and presenting.

A list and examples of different poetic devices

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